Jessica Comley: IT Technician

IMG_3092[1]I’ve been involved with spoken word projects since I was ten years old. I really enjoy performing and I’ve had a great deal of fun. I have performed at Southsea Show, Lammas Day Festival, Day of the Dead and Pop-up Dickens amongst others. I have also met a lot of local writers and spoken word artists.

Although I have enjoyed performing – for Portsmouth Plugged In, on this occasion I’m taking more of a technical role. This is something I’m used to as I’m the go-to girl regarding technology because I live in the same house as two technophobes. They can no more turn on a DVD player as transfer pictures from a camera to a computer.

For Portsmouth Plugged In, I have made a video of a small Chinese shop on Commercial Road. It’s one of my favourite places in Portsmouth because I simply adore Bing Bing Bubble Tea. Don’t comment unless you’ve tried it! I recommend the passion fruit and lychee bubble! I’ll also be giving technical assistance on the day, which basic ally means I’m in charge of a projector.IMG_3093[1]

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