Abigail Comley: Writer and Film Contributor

I have been involved in storytelling from a very young age, often taking part in my mum’s performances. Now I’m older I have been taking a more active role in storytelling, becoming a professional storyteller in my own right. I have been involved in the Pop up Dickens event run by the Portsmouth City Museum, where I took the part of a street urchin and a goblin.

I have also been involved in Will Sutton’s Day of the Dead festival and have helped in lots of workshops at the Sustainability Centre revisiting around well-known tales like “Winne the Pooh” and “Alice in the Wonderland” as well as original tales like “How the Nettle got it’s Sting.”

Although I study drama at school, I can’t imagine working full time in this industry. I am hoping to start A Levels in September and explore a career in pyschology or medicine. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to jump in and get involved in local community projects.

I am a bit of a technophobe, but I jumped in and made a video of the pet shop in Portsmouth. I also took the camera to Old Portsmouth at night, and while I walked the streets and looked at the inky black sea, the inns and the pubs, an idea for a monologue started to stir.

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