Submission Writers

We are looking for six minutes dramatic monologues to be performed live or recorded on the podcast.

Writers are asked to check out our Youtube channel and pick a film which will be the inspiration your monologue.


Submission Procedures: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Send your submission to us via the contact us form, where you can also attach you file.

Please put ‘Portsmouth Plugged In Mono’ in the subject line.

Style Guide for Portsmouth Plugged In Anthology

1, Main body of text size 12 font, double spaced.

2, Story title font size 17 followed by author’s name(s) underneath – both centralised.

3, First paragraph no indentation, subsequent paragraphs indented four spaces.

4, Use British English spelling e.g. colour not color.

5, Don’t use full stops after contractions e.g. Mr not Mr.

6, Leave one space after a full stop or comma before continuing text.

7, Use capitals only where necessary.

8, University of Oxford style guide can be used for clarification ( available free on line)

NB This is for formal documents so common sense should prevail e.g. do not give a person’s full name and job title when they are first mentioned and subsequently their name only, unless it is pertinent to your fiction. Also, use commas not brackets to indicate an embedded clause.

9, Use Helvetica font

10, Writing is supposed to be creative, with this in mind please let us know if you have deliberately misspelled something for artistic effect e.g. replicating speech patterns. Do this with anything we might otherwise correct if not informed of the writer’s intentions.

11, Use single quotation marks for direct speech or a quote, and double quotation marks for direct speech or a quote within that.

12, Remember that ‘to err is human; to forgive, divine’. You may err, we will forgive


There is a wealth of great monologues in poetry, plays, novels, and film that can serve as models for your own dramatic monologue. It may be useful to look specifically at:

You may want to check out Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads on Youtube.